“Tools of Creation” is the culmination of many years of different musicians and friends. Made into a hard rock trio in 2004, they have survived the rock n’ roll lifestyle that many others couldn’t handle, maintaining an intense attitude and gaining a new passion and style in which to play. We have had venues at the following places, The Bayou, Rainbow Bistro, Barrymore’s, Hanley Hall in Smiths Falls and Kellys Welcome in Manotick.


Ben started playing drums at age four. Over the years he has become a singer, songwriter and guitarist, influenced mainly by hard rock and blues. He had his first taste of the music scene after co-founding his first band, Rude Attitude, at the age of twelve, with his best friend/drummer Stewart Scharf and living by the motto “Too much isn’t enough”. Ben favours the likes of Slash, Jimmy Page, Zakk Wilde and Dimebag who use dark and powerful riffs as well as melodic hooks. Ben’s main hobbies are cooking, hockey, fast cars, and rockin’ out whenever possible.



His first instrument was the trumpet which he learned and played in a marching band at the age of four. By the age of twelve, he obtained his first drum kit and fell in love with rock n’ roll. He has been a drummer, vocalist, and songwriter for several bands over the years including; Rude Attitude, Second Wind and Jason’s Lyrx. His early band influences include Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. His drum styling takes after the likes of Neil Pert, Lars Ulrich, Tommy Lee and Vinny Paul. Some of his hobbies include cliff/bridge diving, paintball and Senators hockey. His ultimate goal is to spend his life performing for fans from the stage with all the original Tools of Creation.



Chris started playing instruments at the age of five. He started with the mandolin and moved on to the guitar at age twelve. At the age of twenty- two, he started to play the bass. At first the guitar was just a hobby and around the age of sixteen, guitar become more than a hobby – a career objective. Chris has played in previous bands such as Stone Angel, Jason’s Lyrx, Second Wind and Stillwater. Chris has performed in various locations across Ontario with Stone Angel and Stillwater. He has recorded in Kingston with Jason’s Lyrx and many recordings with Stillwater/S.I.G. Some of Chris’s hobbies include; spending time with his two young children, camping, fishing, biking, anything to do with cars and sports, especially Senators hockey.